Understanding the Faith

A course on “Understanding the Faith” offers formation in the Catholic faith based on the Ten Commandments, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Church Fathers and the teachings of the Magisterium. Doctrine classes help us appreciate the treasures of our faith.

Courses are held at various times and locations during the year.

The spiritual and doctrinal activities sponsored by Headford Cultural Group are entrusted to Opus Dei, a personal Prelature of the Roman Catholic Church. For more information on Opus Dei go to www.opusdei.ca

For more information on “Understanding the Faith”  contact us.

Just the Right Words

Monthly classes on “Understanding the Faith” provide me with a foundation from which to spread my faith to others. I often find that during a class I am learning so much new information that I wonder how could I possibly remember it all? The blessing comes from God when I am sharing my faith and He brings forth from me just the right words and always those words stem from what I have learned through doctrine classes, recollections and meditations.– Christina, Domestic Engineer, Richmond

Aspire to Excellence

Through my teenage years, I received a lot of inspiration from the activities. The monthly recollections and the weekly meditations helped me stay on track; dealing with peer pressure issues in high school and building my confidence as a teen. When I entered the music industry and began taking university courses at the same time, the spiritual guidance and formation I received helped me to deal with a fast-paced industry and a lot of pressure. The comradery I experienced with the other girls attending the activities was priceless. They will be my friends for life. I am so grateful for the support and for the inspiration to aspire to excellence that I received.– Eileen, Music Artist, Songwriter & Homemaker, Chilliwack