Girls Clubs

Girls develop character strengths and lasting friendships through fun-filled cultural and educational activities. They learn interesting new skills which they are encouraged to bring home for the enrichment of their own families. Many of the activities involve helping the less fortunate. In this way the girls develop a sense of gratitude for their own blessings and growing awareness of their responsibility to live with a spirit of service to their community and to the rest of society. One on one mentoring helps each girl to develop her unique talents.

Disclaimer: The Girls Clubs listed below and referred to in any other part of the Headford Cultural Group website are not activities of Headford Cultural Group corporation and have no legal connection to Headford Cultural Group corporation. They are the initiative of groups of parents who organize and run them. Headford Cultural Group corporation will consequently not be liable or held responsible for any damages sustained by any person in connection with these Girls Clubs. We recommend that parents wishing their daughters to participate in clubs and/or camps make their own enquiries about each activity listed on this website.

Pathways Girls Club

For ages 9-12 meets in North Burnaby once every month on Saturday.

Woodrose Girls Club

For ages 9-12 meets in Richmond once every month on Saturday.

Ravine Creek Girls Club

For ages 6-12 meets in Vancouver-Arbutus once every month on Saturday.

Sunshine Girls Club

For ages 6-8 meets in Surrey once every month on Saturday.

Caragana Leadership Club

For ages 9-12 meets in Surrey once every month on Saturday.

For more information, dates and locations, please contact us.

Fun & Friends

Girls club is an amazing get together where you do lots of fun activities and meet new friends. The adults hosting it are very kind and helpful. My favourite activity so far was baking mini apple pies!
– Jillian, Student, Richmond