Headford Cultural Group offers programs for all aspects of life: cultural, intellectual, social and spiritual. All programs are led by volunteers who are passing on to others what they have received. One-on-one mentoring is available to anyone upon request.

The activities offer unique opportunities for developing leadership qualities. Activities help them face the many challenges of day-to-day life with optimism and moral courage. Activities for university and high school students are held at the Crestwell Centre.

Student Activities

A wide variety of clubs and social service projects are available for students in both high school and university. Students meet weekly for talks and group activities, as well as social projects that develop their leadership skills and spirit of service.

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Girls' Clubs

Clubs for girls in Grade 7 and younger meet once a month. Through activities that develop their talents and skills, they foster lasting friendships, build individual character strengths, and cultivate a spirit of service.

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Mothers' Groups

Mothers’ groups are available in many communities. Weekly classes on understanding the faith, monthly recollections and yearly retreats are held at various times and locations throughout the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.

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For Young Professionals

Young professionals meet regularly for talks on social, cultural, and job-related issues as well as doctrine classes.  There are also monthly recollections and an annual retreat.

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